The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (2023)

Over the past few decades, an unfathomable number of hours have been spent trying to determine who the strongest anime character of all time is. There are countless candidates to choose from, making it a very difficult question to answer. In fact, given that many have access to their own unique powers and abilities, some will argue that there is no definitive answer. These people may well be right, but that hasn't stopped others from trying to find one.

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When attempting to come to a definitive conclusion, there are many variables that need to be taken into account. Obviously, the most important of these is how strong the characters are, though things like durability, fighting style, and special skills also need to be factored in. The strongest anime characters score highly in each of these categories and have typically proven themselves in battle time and time again.

Updated March 8, 2023, by Tom Bowen: The ongoing discourse surrounding the strongest anime character of all time is unlikely to ever end, with fans of certain series adamant that their respective characters deserve to be on the podium. Short of throwing them all into a ring together to duke it out ala Jump Force though, it's difficult to see how a truly definitive answer could ever really be reached. Even so, the highly subjective nature of ranking the strongest anime characters certainly isn't going to stop people from trying.

18 Toriko (Toriko)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (1)

A lot of anime characters draw their strength from magical powers or abilities, but that's not really the case with Toriko. Affectionately nicknamed the glutton due to his love of food, Toriko epitomizes the concept of brute strength, with his high calory diet helping to transform him into one of the hardest-hitting anime characters around.

As a Gourmet Hunter, Toriko's main aim is to discover ingredients, but that's not to say that there aren't still fight scenes in the Toriko anime and manga series. It's here that the titular character is able to show his true strength and his appetite for destruction, with some of his signature abilities capable of disintegrating enemies in an instant.

17 Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (2)

Avatar: The Last Airbender introduces several powerful Avatars, but none are quite on the same level as Aang. He begins the series as an inexperienced and goofy young child, but gradually grows into one of the most powerful anime characters in existence, with his mastery over the four bending arts playing a big part in that.

Throughout the course of the series, Aang proves himself in battle on countless occasions, with his ability to learn from each encounter helping him to grow stronger each time. This culminates with his victory over Ozai, the Phoenix King, during which, Aang uses energybending to end the fight without a single casualty.

16 Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (3)

Though Eren is far from useless while in his human form, it's not until he transforms that he really becomes deadly. The ability to mutate into an unstoppable fifteen-foot Titan is an incredibly useful one to have up one's sleeve, and it's one that comes to his rescue time and time again throughout Attack on Titan.

Due to his sheer size alone, few anime characters could ever really hope to bring him down, while the list of those who could survive his sheer strength is perhaps shorter still. He also carries the Founding Titan power within him, which allows him to control other Titans after coming into contact with someone who has royal blood coursing through their veins.

15 Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (4)

Jujutsu Kaisen is home to many of the strongest anime characters of all time, but Satoru Gojo is the pick of the bunch here. Being the first person in the Gojo family to inherit both the Six Eyes and Limitless techniques in more than four centuries, he's a formidable fighter who is capable of manipulating and distorting reality at will.

Though for a while it was thought that Satoru's abilities were on par with another sorcerer named Suguru, the latter later admitted that Satoru's abilities had far eclipsed his own, with Satoru supposedly able to wipe out all of humanity by himself if he really wanted to. He really is that powerful, as evidenced by his screen time in the show.

14 All Might (My Hero Academia)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (5)

There are plenty of powerful heroes and villains in My Hero Academia, though, with the exception of perhaps All For One and Izuku Midoriya, few can come close to matching All Might. The former number one pro hero was unfathomably powerful thanks to his One For All quirk, which granted him superhuman powers and made him more or less invulnerable thanks to the seemingly limitless supply of strength and speed that it granted.

Unlike a lot of fictional heroes, All Might knew when to call it quits, with Earth's former protector bowing out of the hero game after defeating All For One in Episode 50 of the anime. Even after relinquishing ownership of his Quirk, however, he remains an important part of the series, not only as a source of wisdom and strength for Izuku, but also as a symbol of peace and harmony throughout the world.

13 Kageyama Shigo (Mob Psycho 100)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (6)

Sometimes, big things come in small packages, as evidenced by Mob Psycho 100's Kageyama Shigo, who usually just goes by "Mob," for short. Unlike Eren, who draws much of his power from his vast size after transforming, Mob's strength is instead derived directly through his thoughts. This may not sound all that impressive on paper, but, when his abilities are fully unleashed upon the world, they hit much harder than any titan ever could.

Unfortunately, Mob is yet to learn how to fully control his powers, instead choosing to shackle them in order to avoid causing accidental damage. They're still able to escape from time to time when Mob loses control over his emotions though, ensuring that neither he nor those around him can ever truly let their guard down. His true power really is that terrifying, and he's absolutely right to be so afraid of it.

12 Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (7)

Naruto may not be as strong as some of the other popular anime protagonists that are out there, but what he lacks in raw strength, he more than makes up for with technique and confidence. The once narcissistic ninja's control over the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox makes him a real force to be reckoned with, as too does Sage Mode.

Being able to create gigantic Chakra creatures often comes in handy, particularly as he's able to use and combine every element while doing so. The Hero of the Hidden Leaf won a World War almost single-handedly with these abilities, which just goes to show how powerful he really is within the confines of theNaruto universe.

11 Alucard (Hellsing)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (8)

Thanks to his impressive collection of souls, Alucard is more or less invincible at the beginning of Hellsing. By the series' conclusion, however, he exists both everywhere and nowhere, making it downright impossible to kill him. This, of course, does not bode well for those who end up on the wrong side of him, which, for most people, tends to be his only side.

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Alucard is an unstoppable killer, with a wide array of abilities at his disposal. His superhuman speed and strength allow him to tear through enemies with his bare hands, while also making it incredibly difficult for his victims to retaliate. He's every bit as deadly with weapons too, with his trusty pair of handguns having dispatched their fair share of souls over the years.

10 Yhwach (Bleach)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (9)

Being the Son of the Soul King, Yhwach was blessed with a number of unique powers; most notably the ability to distribute parts of his soul to other living beings simply by touching them. By doing so, he was able to have people cultivate new powers and abilities for him, which he was then able to reclaim and use against his enemies.

Though Ichigo is ultimately able to get the better of Yhwach, this is down to the hero being smarter than the villain; not stronger. Had Yhwach simply finished his rival off when he had the chance, he would no doubt have been able to bring an end to existence and its endless cycle of life and death. With The Almighty — a power that allows its wielder to rewrite the future — at his disposal, there may well be a version of reality in which he did just that.

9 Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (10)

Naruto has come up against some powerful villains over the years, but none quite as deadly as the Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya. After consuming the fruit of the God Tree and then later merging with the God Tree itself, she became the Ten-Tails, granting her a wide array of powers that make her nigh-on unstoppable in battle.

Though Kaguya initially uses these abilities to protect her former clan and her sons, she's eventually consumed by the power, much like the Chakra fruit was once consumed by her. After her heart has been lost to darkness, she uses her ability to read and manipulate minds almost exclusively for immoral acts; causing untold pain and destruction.

8 Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (11)

Given his status as the leader of the Twelve Kizuki, not to mention, King of the demons, Muzan Kibutsuji's reputation for chaos and carnage is already fairly well established at this point in the Demon Slayer anime. Even if it weren't though, his ability to control anyone with his demonic blood coursing through their veins almost makes it a moot point. He has an unstoppable army of demons right at his fingertips, and, unlike a regular army, there's zero chance of a mutiny.

Muzan's an incredibly accomplished fighter in his own right though, with his superhuman strength allowing him to tear through the Hashira ranks with relative ease. Even if one of them did somehow manage to get close enough to catch him off guard, his immortality and Biokinetic abilities serve as the ultimate safety net. It's not like the Hashira can just wait him out either, as, just for good measure, Muzan also possesses eternal youth.

7 Griffith (Berserk)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (12)

There's not all that much to choose from between Griffith and Guts, though the former just about edges out his former friend due to the drastic lengths that he goes to in order to secure power. That he's willing to sacrifice his friends and comrades to become Femto demonstrates a level of ruthlessness seldom seen in anime and helps to cement Griffith's place as one of Berserk's best and most complex characters.

Griffith's actions at the Tower of Rebirth don't just provide a shocking and memorable setpiece moment. They're also symbolic of the character shedding away the last of his humanity, and, with it, some of the major weaknesses that so often go hand in hand with caring about other people. Granted, Guts' love for Casca and his friends does at times make him stronger, but the anger that Griffith is able to evoke by targeting these people perfectly highlights the double-edged nature of love.

6 Tetsuo Shima (Akira)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (13)

Tetsuo serves as the main antagonist in Akira, despite having once been the hero's best friend. His psychic power, once fully awakened, proves to be far too much for him to be able to control, leading to a series of psychic explosions that threaten to destroy the entire universe. Thankfully, he's pulled into an alternate dimension by Akira before catastrophe can strike.

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What makes Tetsuo so frightening is that he never really comes close to harnessing the full potential of his psychic power; at least not in a form that he's able to control, anyway. Were he ever able to fully master his abilities, there's really no telling what he could achieve, nor who he could beat in battle if push came to shove.

5 Kaido (One Piece)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (14)

Despite being the series' main protagonist, Luffy is not even close to being the strongest One Piece character. There are plenty of others like Rocks D. Xebec, Big Mom, and Akainu who at least deserve to be a part of that conversation, though the true bearer of the title is likely to be Kaido depending on who exactly one asks.

There are multiple reasons why people always bet on Kaido, with his ability to transform into a giant dragon being pretty high up on the list. He's also able to use all three forms of Haki to a high level and has proven himself against some of the series' toughest characters, including Big Mom. Granted, Luffy is eventually able to get the better of him, but it takes him many years to do so, not to mention a little bit of luck.

4 Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (15)

The Misfit of Demon King Academy anime may be fairly new when compared to some of the other popular anime series that have made their way west, but its main protagonist Anos has existed for more than 2,000 years. He's a reincarnation of the first and most powerful Demon King, which brings with it quite a few useful combat-related perks and benefits.

As well as being ridiculously fast and unfathomably strong, Anos also has access to a wide array of Magic, including the ability to destroy the indestructible just by looking at it. He's also able to wield the magic sword of the founder, Venuzdonoa, which was created using the body of the original God of Destruction. Much like Anos' magical eyes, the blade can destroy just about anything.

3 Giorno Giovanna (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (16)

Some may argue that Jotaro Kujo is the strongest character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and while the Stardust Crusaders protagonist is certainly powerful, he's really no match for the Part 5 protagonist, Giorno Giovanna. The latter's Gold Experience Requiem stand ability is just far too powerful, putting every other stand — including Star Power — to shame.

GER is able to revert actions and can be triggered in a setting in which time no longer exists. It's also able to operate independently of Giorno, meaning that even if somebody were able to fatally wound him in battle, his stand would instantly bring him back to life. As a result, he's pretty much immortal and has the kind of firepower needed to really make that count.

2 Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (17)

Although it could certainly be argued that Zeno is the strongest character in Dragon Ball, there's a big difference between strength and power. Sure, Zeno could erase all of existence with the snap of his tiny little fingers, but, given his small stature, he likely wouldn't fare all that well in a fistfight. Goku, on the other hand, is in his element in such surroundings.

The Super Saiyan has proven to be Earth's savior on countless occasions, managing to overcome just about every obstacle he's ever faced. Thanks to his Saiyan blood, defeat only makes him stronger and, in Ultra Instinct, he now has access to the Power of the Gods. As he begins to master that power, he's only going to get stronger, just as he has done for the past three and a half decades.

1 Saitama (One Punch Man)

The 18 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time, Ranked (18)

Due to the satirical nature of One Punch Man, it's safe to assume that Saitama is intended to represent the strongest anime character of all time and it's somewhat difficult to dispute that assertion. Unlike Goku and other anime heroes — who are often pushed to their absolute limits — Saitama is able to defeat his enemies using a single attack without ever breaking a sweat.

There's perhaps an argument to be made that other anime characters would also thrive if placed in the One Punch Man universe and this may well be true. Ultimately though, pretty much every other anime hero has, at one point or another, been shown to be weaker than other characters in their respective universes; suggesting that somewhere down the line, the same thing will probably happen again. In Saitama's case, however, he's always been number one and likely always will be.

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