The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (2023)

When a manga series from Japan has the word "bizarre" in its title, you know it’s going to be a wild ride. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure exemplifies this. With over a hundred volumes of wacky and zany stories, this saga about the Joestar family has delighted the fan base and its influence has spread across the globe.Related: Hilarious Anime Memes That’ll Leave You Crying With LaughterNowhere is this truer than in the meme world, where fans and trolls of the series spin out content depicted hilarious commentaries on the world of JoJo and the real world using famous and infamous moments from the story. So here are ten of the funniest memes from JoJo’s bizarre adventure that will cause delight, laughter, confusion, and concern.Updated June 30, 2021 by Mark Sammut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is timeless, and that naturally extends to the memes based on the manga and anime franchise. In fact, JoJo might very well be the king of memes as so many moments across the anime's run have been turned into comedy gold by the internet. It doesn't matter whether it is 2009, 2019, or 2099; JoJo will still be making the world a better place through memes. This article has been updated to include a few new creations since, in this case, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing.



13 Joseph Joestar's Hamon Meme

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (1)

Meme by Ketchem1985.

Joseph Joestar serves as the main protagonist of Battle Tendency, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's part 2, while also appearing as a supporting character in the two subsequent sagas. Joseph is one of the most beloved characters in the franchise, and a lot of that comes down to his approachable and often goofy nature.

Joseph's personality juxtapositions perfectly with Jotaro's no-nonsense approach to life. While one is unapologetically exaggerated, the other maintains an unshakeable facade in the face of nearly any obstacle thrown his way. Naturally, that includes a (gran)dad joke.

12 Farewell Free Time Meme

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (2)

Meme uploaded by u/Norbaitek.

Free time is limited, particularly as you get older. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a massive series. The 2012 anime has produced 152 episodes and it's nowhere close to being done, with Stone Ocean already confirmed to be on the way. If that's not enough JoJo for someone, there is always the older show to check out and the manga to read; in fact, the latter should be prioritized as it's consistently fantastic.

With video games, movies, Western TV shows, anime, and so many other hobbies fighting for attention, something will have to eventually give way. However, that something is never JoJo.

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11 Everything Is A JoJo Reference Meme

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (3)

Meme uploaded by u/luigi77714.

Everything is a JoJo reference. This is known. The franchise's fanbase is passionate, so much so that many people are constantly seeking to find the hidden JoJo in every facet of the world. Even if something predates the creation of the manga, such as King Crimson's The Court of the Crimson King, this just means the creators were getting in their JoJo reference ahead of time.

Understandably, it can get tiring to be constantly living in a universe so JoJo forward. In such instances, it can be refreshing to just take something at face value and ignore the obvious reference to the manga.

10 Puberty Meme

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (4)

It’s a tough job making a good meme that will stand the test of being compared to other memes online. It also takes a special mind to take two entirely different pieces of art and find a way to join them together in a funny meme. Which makes this Spongebob Squarepants and JoJo meme so much funnier because they fit so well.

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The joke of the meme is that Plankton has hit puberty and now looks like the Foo Fighters from JoJo, which is funny on its own. But fans of JoJo will appreciate the meme so much more because Foo Fighters is a character comprised of a colony of plankton. It’s a clever combination that works for those who have never seen the show but adds something special for those who have, which makes this an awesome meme.

9 Polnareff Studying Meme

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (5)

We’ve all been there, you’ve achieved that rare balance in college where you have a social life, your job is going well, and you have decent grades. Then the end of the semester hits and all your professors are ready to test just how much you learned. Sometimes we put it off, sometimes we forget, but when that dreaded day of exams is just around the corner, we all want to find a corner and weep.

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This meme is effective for being funny, but also a little painful when those awful memories of long sleepless nights and stress-filled mornings resurface.

8 Running (Or At Least Trying To Run)

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (6)

This meme hits home for practically everyone in January with a fitness resolution, February if we haven’t secured a date for Valentine's day, and May when we think about all that time we’ll spend on the beach and we aren’t sure we’d look all that great in our swimwear.

For whatever reason, we try running and immediately end up like this poor soul and wind up flat on the floor, paralyzed and out of breath. The shocked expression on his face is just a little too familiar, making this a really funny meme, but also very unfunny when we hop on the treadmill.

7 JoJo's Fabulous Characters Meme

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (7)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is highly regarded for its character designs, particularly during its earliest arcs that highlight the manga's Fist of the North Star influence. It's not just that JoJo packs the stage with muscular heroes and villains who look like they have been sculpted from stone, but the anime (and manga) celebrates these characters.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is over-the-top in the best possible way. The animation is vibrant and dynamic, the settings blend realism and fantasy well, and the character's poses are just iconic.

6 Mcree “High Noon” Meme

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (8)
(Video) JoJo: Star Flat-inum

Memes do a great job of crossing over with other forms of media in funny and clever ways. While the internet is absolutely chock full of the Dio meme, this one stands out for targeting a great character from an unrelated video game.

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There’s something entertaining about Dio’s face plastered over Mcree’s body from Overwatch and is yet another example of Dio appearing where people least expect him to. Many consider this overused meme dead, but like Dio’s unexpected appearance in the anime, we imagine this Dio meme is going to resurface over and over again for years to come.

5 Impatient Dio Meme

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (9)

Everyone has been there; you’re in a rush to go somewhere, or you’ve been waiting a considerable time to go and your friend tells you it’ll just be a second before they’re ready to go.15 minutes later and you’re still waiting.

This Dio Brando meme gives a great portrayal of just how we feel on the inside while we’re waiting impatiently or don’t expect them to be ready when they say they will. It could also be we have a particularly short fuse that day and don’t want to wait on anybody for any reason. Either way, this meme is good for a laugh while you’re waiting that one second for your friend to get ready.

4 When Your Friends Agree To Watch

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (10)

Anime and manga fans know the pain of convincing friends to join in on what they’ve become obsessed with, especially if they’re not accustomed to the strangeness inherent in these mediums. That’s why it’s so rewarding when we finally convince someone to try it.

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Yet, there’s also a sinister satisfaction that comes with it. While the overall show might be great and a fun run, there could be some particularly bizarre and disturbing moments, especially in JoJo, that are bound to shock and confuse those caught unprepared. Which makes this sinister meme of triumph a great example of how good it feels to get someone to agree to watch this strange show.

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3 When You See The Source Of The Memes

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (11)

Memes are almost always funnier when you understand the context within the source material. Though JoJo memes have a habit of floating around the internet, only fans who’ve seen the show will actually understand the depth of a good JoJo meme.

This meme hints at this by showing Will Smith fascinated with what he sees and taking pictures, a reaction most people will have when the memes convince them to actually watch the anime or read the manga. If anything, JoJo memes serve as good advertisements for people wondering what on earth the context is in the image and go watch the anime to find out, only to be sucked into a truly bizarre adventure.

2 Non-English Dio Meme

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (12)

You were warned earlier in this article that this particular meme wasn’t going to die and would likely make appearances again and again, and sure enough, here’s another Dio meme. This one stands out for being a clever play on the meme and the original manga it stems from.

In the original manga written in Japanese Dio says the phrase “Kono Dio Da!” which translated into English means “it’s me Dio!” But even non-JoJo fans will get a kick out of the play on the meme when we’re all expecting the typical saying, but getting it in an unfamiliar language.

1 When Memes Interrupt Work

The 13 Funniest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Memes (13)

Memes are great, and the internet combined with smartphones have made them viewable practically anywhere at any time. Which is great if you’re waiting on the bus, waiting your turn in the doctor’s office, or in the bathroom waiting for…you know.

But the other side of that coin is that it is easier than ever to get distracted. This great meme calls everyone out for looking at an endless stream of memes when they should be doing what they were hired to do. Perhaps some of you are browsing the memes in this article right now at work, but don’t worry, it will remain between us.

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Is JoJo the most memed anime? ›

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is easily the most meme-able anime series of all time.

What is part 13 of JoJo called? ›

The Ultimate Being (JOJO vs. 究極生物 JoJo tai Kyūkyoku Seibutsu) is the thirteenth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime.

What is JoJo op 11 called? ›

List of Openings
8Theme of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan (岸辺露伴は動かないのテーマ Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai no Tēma)Yugo Kanno
9Fighting GoldCoda
10Uragirimono no RequiemDaisuke Hasegawa
8 more rows
Nov 2, 2021

Who is the oldest JoJo's? ›

It is commonly believed that Joseph Joestar is the oldest Joestar, having survived longer than any of the others that we know of to a ripe old age of 89.

Why is top 10 anime betrayals a meme? ›

"Top 10 Anime Betrayals" speaks to anime's tendency to create jarring and impactful narratives as it meets the internet's devotion to Top 10 lists. It's a little meta to categorize a meme that is literally about categorization, but that's the fun thing about meme culture nowadays.

When did JoJo meme come out? ›

This meme got its start in 2016 on the now-defunct Vine service. The reference comes from the end of episodes in the Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency arcs of the JoJo's animated series.

Who uses death 13? ›

Death Thirteen (デスサーティーン(死神13) Desu Sātīn) is the Stand of Mannish Boy, featured in the third part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stardust Crusaders.

Who beat death 13? ›

Fortunately Kakyoin can summon his Stand thanks to having been knocked out while Hierophant was out, and defeats Death Thirteen.

Who kills Jotaro Kujo? ›

How did Jotaro die? In Part 6 of Stone Ocean, he was killed by Pucci as he attempted to protect his daughter, Jolyne from him. His attachment to his daughter stopped him from killing Pucci and putting an end to their battle. Enrico Pucci was the main culprit of Jotaro's misfortune.

Is JoJo Part 9 a thing? ›

Originally titled JOJOLANDS when it was announced, Part 9 is the ongoing most recent part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. It began serialization in monthly Ultra Jump in February 2023. As of now there is no official manga release for Part 9 in English.

What is JoJo Part 6 real name? ›

Stone Ocean (Japanese: ストーンオーシャン, Hepburn: Sutōn Ōshan) is the sixth story arc of the Japanese manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki.

What is Jolyne's theme called? ›

Stone Free: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure / Stone Ocean (Jolyne's Theme)

Who was JoJo's first love? ›

Dio even corrupts JoJo's childhood love, Erina Pendleton, giving her her first kiss and turning her away from JoJo.

How old is Jotaro Kujo? ›

Jotaro Kujo
SeriesJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Age17 (Part 3) 28 (Part 4) 30 (Part 5) 40-41 (Part 6)
6 more rows

Who is the youngest JoJo? ›

Giorno Giovanna takes the lead as Part 5's JoJo and despite being the youngest JoJo to date, his adventure is filled with excitement and grief.

What is the number 1 hated anime? ›

1 School Days

Most fans agree that the most hated anime in the medium is School Days, a harem visual novel adaptation infamous in the community. Nevertheless, the polarizing title is considered by many to be a genius deconstruction of the genre that turns the classic harem scenario on its head.

Who is the traitor anime? ›

Traitor" is revealed to be Yuga Aoyama. He was born Quirkless, and with his parents both coming from wealthy backgrounds, they made a deal with All For One to give him his Navel Laser Quirk in a desperate move to grant their son a happy, successful life.

What year is JoJo 1? ›

In 1880 England, Jonathan Joestar is a young man with the intent to become a gentleman, such as fighting for a woman's honor even if he would not win.

Does JoJo have TikTok? ›

JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) Official. TikTok.

How old is JoJo JJBA? ›

JoJo Statistics Chart
Jonathan Joestar• 20• April 4th
Joseph Joestar• 91• September 27th
Jotaro Kujo• 40• 1970
Josuke Higashikata• 16• 1983
4 more rows
Apr 15, 2022

What is the strongest Stand in JoJo's? ›

Wonder of U has a case of being the strongest Stand in the series. It is a sentient Stand that can function on its own. Wonder of U possesses a number of abilities that make it an extremely dangerous stand. It can create illusions of itself, which can confuse the target.

What is the green baby JoJo? ›

The Green Baby is a creature born from a combination of DIO's Bone and the souls of criminals within the prison. The baby's birth is part of the plan created by DIO and put into action by his ally, Enrico Pucci. The baby is a Stand user, automatically protected by Green, Green Grass of Home.

Who voices the baby in Death 13? ›

Mannish Boy is a eleven-month-old baby, who controls the Stand known as Death Thirteen, which attacks people on their dreams. In Japanese, he was voiced by Miki Nagasawa in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future and Ikue Otani in the anime. In the latter's English dub, he was voiced by Tara Sands.

What does death 13 do? ›

In the dream world, Death Thirteen is free to torment and kill anyone inside the dream with its scythe. Any injuries the person receives in the dream world are transferred to their body in the real world, including fatal ones.

What are the abilities of death 13 Stand? ›

Death 13 takes the shape of a Reaper with a clown face and scythe with a hollow body. Death 13's ability is to infiltrate the dreams of any who are sleeping in the user's range. Once inside the dream of the victim, he is able to change the dream to his liking, trapping the victim in a haunted amusement park.

What episode is death 13 in? ›

Watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Season 2, Episode 19: Death 13 Part 1 | Peacock.

Why is JoJo Part 7 different? ›

For Part 7, Araki based his story in an entirely different universe, which was devoid of many things from the previous universe. Steel Ball Run introduced the fans to numerous new things while keeping a few of the older ideas. The main idea that Steel Ball Run retained was the concept of Stands.

Is JoJo Part 10 the end? ›

JoJo's Other Adventure Part 10 : Wings of Fate is the second part of JoJo's Other Adventure and is considéred as the last part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Will there be a 10th JoJo? ›

The 9th part of the series; Jojolands, was announced soon after part 8: Jojolion concluded. While it's been an amazing run for the series, all things must eventually end.

Is Jolyne a female? ›

Jolyne Cujoh is the titular main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. The daughter of Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne is the only female JoJo to date.

Who is Jolyne's BF? ›

Romeo Jisso (ロメオ・ジッソ) is a tertiary character featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean. He is the boyfriend of Jolyne Cujoh until the couple gets into a car accident, crashing into a pedestrian.

Who is Jolyne's old boyfriend? ›

Romeo Jisso (ロメオ・ジッソ) is a minor character in Stone Ocean. He was Jolyne's boyfriend at the beginning of the story.

Is JoJo one of the most popular anime? ›

From unique character designs to constant tonal shifts to great music, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is widely regarded as one of the best anime ever. Hirohiko Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has kept audiences entertained for 35 years and it's earned its spot in the pantheon of essential anime series.

Which anime is better than JoJo? ›

Yu Yu Hakusho is the more recognizable series from creator Yoshihiro Togashi, but Hunter X Hunter is his best-written series by far. The story uses a unique power system and often features plot lines that many modern anime take inspiration from.

Who is the most recognizable JoJo? ›

The most well-known and arguably fan-favorite JoJo, Jotaro Kujo, is the protagonist of Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. In terms of overall strength and power, Jotaro takes the cake. With the help of his stand Star Platinum, Jotaro is by far one of the strongest characters in all of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

What is the No 1 anime in Japan? ›

One Piece. It's no surprise that One Piece would end up on a list like this. After all, it's one of the most well-known anime of all time. The series has been on air since 1997, along with a manga series accompanying the show ever since as well.

What is JoJo's age? ›

JoJo Statistics Chart
Joseph Joestar91• 6'5"/195cm
Jotaro Kujo• 40• 6'5"/195cm
Josuke Higashikata• 16• 5'11"/180cm
Giorno Giovanna• 26• 5'8"/172cm
4 more rows
Apr 15, 2022

Is JoJo better than Naruto? ›

Imo jojo has a better power system, and the linking of all the joestars and such makes it so cool. The artstyle is better, the story, the fights naruto has a slight edge but imo jojo was really cool and interesting and has some badass characters, and in all was just way more enjoyable to watch.

What is the most loved JoJo part? ›

Stardust Crusaders is the third and quite possibly the most famous part of the entire series. The main protagonist of this part is Jotaro Kujo, who looks anything but a normal high school student. After DIO resurfaces once again, Jotaro, Joseph, and a few more characters band together to take him down.

Which JoJo part is the longest? ›

JoJolion released in monthly Ultra Jump from 2011 to 2021 for a total of ten years and three months, making it the longest part of the JoJo series yet, with 110 chapters, 27 volumes, and over 4,600 pages.

What is the highest rated JoJo part? ›

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Every Part, Ranked
  • 8 Phantom Blood.
  • 7 Stone Ocean.
  • 6 Diamond Is Unbreakable.
  • 5 Battle Tendency.
  • 4 JoJolion.
  • 3 Stardust Crusaders.
  • 2 Golden Wind.
  • 1 Steel Ball Run.
Apr 17, 2023


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