The 13 Best Colognes To Attract Women: Blu Atlas Atlantis To Dior Sauvage (2023)

The primary purpose of cologne isn’t to attract women; it just so happens to be a happy consequence of smelling good. Scent has been well studied for its role in sexual attraction (in part thanks to chemicals known as pheromones), and certain smells and scent profiles have made it to the top of the list. From sweet vanillas to manly musks, certain fragrances leave a better impression than others.

As a sex journalist, who understands the importance of attraction, I’ve reviewed 13 of the best scents around, each known for its seductive qualities. Remember, one cologne won’t make you an instant catch, but it sure can help you make a memorable impression, primarily because scent is closely linked to memory.

Blu Atlas Atlantis

All other colognes step aside for Blu Atlas’ Atlantis. And it’s not just because it’s made of all-natural ingredients (how many other colognes can say that?), but because of its enlivening and intoxicating scent that leaves anyone and everyone wanting more. The brand’s signature fragrance is citrus and woody — two scents women love — with an enlivening top note of bergamot, aromatic heart note of clary sage, and grounding base note of patchouli.

The scent trio is simple yet brave, defying convention and finding its way to the hearts of men and women alike. So it’s no wonder that customers rave about it and that Men’s Journal also rated it as the best cologne to attract females, but you’ll just have to try it for yourself.


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Michel Germain Sexual Pour Homme

The Sexual Pour Homme leaves little to the imagination. This best-selling fragrance by Michel Germain exudes pure masculinity and sensuality with its curation of natural fragrance oils hand-selected to make women go wild. The cologne is a green, fruity Fougere with refreshing top notes of Indian basil, Italian bergamot, Italian clementine, and French melon.

What makes this one of the best is the scent’s effortless transition from aromatic greens like Asian sage and French lavender into masculine base notes of Indian sandalwood, tonka bean, and Madagascar vanilla. And because it was created with natural fragrance oils, your skin’s natural oils will merge with the fragrance to create your own custom scent.

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Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

There’s something about a well-crafted unisex fragrance that makes women become instantly more drawn to you. Enter my next pick: Jo Malone’s best-selling Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne. This intoxicating blend of sophisticated ambrette seeds, fresh sea salt, and woody sage might not sound special until you get a whiff of its magic.

The scent is rich and stimulating, instantly transporting you to a cloudy afternoon on a windswept shore. This cologne makes you seem mature and well-traveled, even if you aren’t. And if it’s your wife or girlfriend we’re talking about, then yeah, she’ll want to use it for herself — it’s gender-neutral and that good.

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Chanel Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum

(Video) BLEU DE CHANEL vs DIOR SAUVAGE | Women's Reactions | Which Fragrance Is More Sexy?

Few things are sexier than a man who wears Chanel, so to attract the ladies, adding a few spritzes of Bleu de Chanel to your everyday routine can do just the trick. But, of course, you can tell straight away from the packaging that Bleu de Chanel is sophisticated and elegant without smelling it. Still, you'll be surprised how bold and sensual the fragrance is.

The cologne opens with a fresh citrus accord, housing beloved scents like grapefruit, lemon, and bergamot. Next, Bleu de Chanel moves effortlessly into woodier, more masculine notes of tonka bean, amber, and vanilla before ending on sandalwood's deep, sensual scent. Yes, Bleu de Chanel is class in a bottle. But it's sexiness in a bottle, too.

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Maison Margiela ‘Replica’ By the Fireplace

Picture a romantic night by the warm fireside with the women of your dreams in your arms. Okay, now manifest that magic with Replica’s By the Fireplace. This beloved eau de toilette is everything you want in a warm, comforting scent that’s also incredibly addictive.

The cologne opens with clove, pink pepper, and orange blossom notes before nestling into warmer, heartier scents of chestnut, woody accords, and vanilla bean. By the Fireplace is a perfectly balanced unisex fragrance that is both soft and smoky, woody and floral, sweet and spicy. And isn’t bringing together two differing scents into one perfect fragrance what romance is all about?

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Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Contrasting with the warmth of Replica’s By the Fireplace is the cool freshness of Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani. The fragrance is rich in fresh notes like Calabrian bergamot, neroli, and green tangerine, the types of notes that instantly catch a woman’s attention. Light aquatic accords and aromatic rosemary, sweet persimmon, and warm Indonesian patchouli hold her attention all day long. It’s the type of scent you can wear day-in and day-out, never without receiving a compliment.

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Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa

Colonia Intensa is like walking through the streets of Italy on a summer evening with a woman at your arm. It’s everything you want in a cologne to attract all genders: it’s confident, contemporary, and charismatic with crisp citrus notes of Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian lemon.

(Video) Blu Atlas Atlantis Review 💥 Best Freshie of 2023 😱

Cardamom and ginger give the scent a bit of spice, while heart notes of myrtle, artemisia, and neroli are ideal confidence boosters. To keep things masculine and casually seductive, base notes of leather, cedarwood, patchouli, benzoin, and musk round out the fragrance. Colonia Intensa lets you be the real you, even if that means wearing your heart on your sleeve.

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Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent’s Y Eau de Parfum for men has all the components of an attractive, stimulating cologne: an ultra-fresh top, an aromatic middle, and a grounding, masculine base. Ginger, apple, and bergamot give this cologne a bright opening spritz before leading into the scent’s iconic sage and geranium heart. Woody, manly base notes of amberwood, tonka bean, cedar, vetiver, and olibanum are strong but well-worn in.

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Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Parfum

With Gucci's Guilty, the only thing you have to be guilty of is smelling too damn good. The high-intensity scent was designed to let love rule. Even though the cologne is characterized as intense, the scent opens on a light note with lemon, juniper, and French lavender. Guilty's true essence is at its heart, embodied by notes of nutmeg, orange blossom, and Spanish citrus. Long-lasting base notes of patchouli, musk and dry wood make this a cherished men's fragrance (and one that women will love, no less).

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Calvin Klein CK One

CK One may just be the one cologne that will capture her heart. This best-selling fragrance has been beloved by men and women alike since its launch in 1994 and continues to be one of the most recognized fragrances of today. The reason it’s so iconic comes from its contemporary and clean composition that’s inherently lavish and sensual.

Top notes of greens, lemon, pineapple, mandarin, papaya, and middle notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, violet, and nutmeg make it undeniably fresh. But its base of musk, oakmoss, amber, and green tea are instant magnets. So prepare yourself for loads of compliments.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

There are few colognes as sexy and masculine as Le Male. This unconventional cologne resembles freedom and sensuality with every spritz as an ode to the sailor. The fragrance is fresh and aromatic with top notes of lavender and mint. Middle notes of orange blossom, cinnamon, and caraway seeds give it an oriental flair that transitions elegantly into its primary base note of vanilla.

Pair this iconic men’s fragrance with Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male Shower Gel and Deodorant for an all-over freshness.

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Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Toilette Intense

This one is for the gentleman. Givenchy’s Gentleman Eau de Toilette Intense is a new 2021 launch that plays on the confident personality and humble sensitivity of the always attractive gentleman. The scent is mildly intense, with top notes of cardamom, basil, bergamot, and a heart of iris and cypress.

A base of cedarwood and coumarin makes it evocative and exhilarating, which is likely why customers say the scent seems to energize them. Because it’s a more sophisticated fragrance, it’s better suited for formal wear or romantic dinner dates.

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Dior Sauvage

Since its launch, Sauvage has climbed its way to being one of the sexiest men’s colognes on the market. Inspired by the magic of twilight hour — when the sun sets and unfolds the coolness of night — Sauvage opens with bright, spicy notes of Calabrian bergamot and black pepper before revealing a breathtaking heart of Sichuan and pink peppers, lavender, geranium, vetiver, and raw patchouli. Ending notes of Papua New Guinean vanilla and cedar keep this men’s cologne mysterious and sensual.

Sauvage is incredibly popular for a reason — everyone loves it, including women. So if you’re searching for a fresh, spicy signature scent that lasts all day (or all night) long, this might be just the one.

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Which cologne turns women on? ›

These kinds of scents are welcoming, disarming, and can even be sensual.
  • Blu Atlas Atlantis. ...
  • Versace Eros. ...
  • Michel Germain Séxūal. ...
  • Dior Sauvage. ...
  • Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier. ...
  • La Nuit de L'Homme. ...
  • Acqua di Gio. ...
  • Creed Aventus.
Dec 24, 2022

Does Dior Sauvage attract women? ›

Dior Sauvage

Sauvage is incredibly popular for a reason — everyone loves it, including women. So if you're searching for a fresh, spicy signature scent that lasts all day (or all night) long, this might be just the one.

What cologne is irresistible to women? ›

What Are Women's Favorite Men Colognes For Everyday Wear?
  • Sauvage by Christian Dior.
  • Tom Ford Grey Vetiver.
  • Terre D'Hermes by Hermes.
  • The One Cologne by Dolce & Gabanna.
  • Bvlgari Man in Black.
  • Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men.
  • Aventus Cologne by Creed.
  • Amouage Reflection Cologne.
Nov 9, 2021

What scent drives a woman crazy? ›

In fact, cinnamon, has long been thought to generate sexual arousal in both men and women. Clean and invigorating, the tangy scent of citrus, such as lemon, lime, orange, lemongrass, and red grapefruit gives men that fresh-out-of-the-shower scent, a smell that many women find appealing.

What smell attracts females? ›

Women are attracted to the smell of fruit like lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, and tangerines. Citrus is often used in aromatherapy for its mood-boosting benefits. It may even have positive effects on the limbic system. One study found that the scent of lemon helped improve body image and self-confidence.

Who wears Dior Sauvage? ›

Sauvage by Christian Dior

Johnny Depp's favorite cologne is widely reported to be Sauvage by Dior. Johnny is the official face of the cologne and purportedly signed a seven figure deal with Dior to continue his sponsorship of it.

What scent do women like on men? ›

Clean and invigorating, the tangy scent of citrus, such as lemon, lime, orange, lemongrass, and red grapefruit gives men that fresh-out-of-the-shower scent, a smell that many women find appealing. Just don't overdo it, or you might smell like the produce department!

What does Blu Atlas smell like? ›

Atlantis unfolds with bright, citrus top notes of bergamot, lemon, and blackcurrant. The bergamot, in particular, is lively and bright and mingles effortlessly with the tart lemon and blackcurrant.

Why do so many girls like Dior Sauvage? ›

“It's an exquisite scent that takes all those smelling it on a fabulous journey,” she tells me. “The fresh and captivating top notes give way to a warm, sexy, enigmatic and sophisticated base. Part of what makes it so enduringly successful is that it seems to tap into so many different tribes and zeitgeists.”

What cologne do you get the most compliments on? ›

  • What kind of fragrances get compliments?
  • Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette.
  • Joop! Homme.
  • Dior Fahrenheit.
  • Tom Ford Ombre Leather.
  • Dior Homme 2020.
  • Escentric Molecules Molecule 01.
  • Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

Does Dior Sauvage have pheromones? ›

Another pheromone, hedione, is associated with emotions and motivation, and is an active ingredient in Dior's Eau Sauvage – worn famously by Steve McQueen.

Does cologne make women more attracted to you? ›

Unsurprisingly, 97 percent of women think cologne is sexy. After breaking it down into specific scent families, women reported outdoorsy colognes as the sexiest. If you want to take that route, opt for a fragrance with woody, aquatic, or citrusy notes.

Which perfume is best to seduce a woman? ›

These are the 8 aphrodisiac fragrances to set a sexy mood according to experts
  • Pumpkin - Paco Rabanne Fabulous Me. ...
  • Cinnamon - Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau De Parfum Spray. ...
  • Champaca - J'adore Dior Eau De Parfum. ...
  • Vanilla - Guerlain Shalimar Eau De Parfum. ...
  • Lavender - Tom Ford Lavender Extreme Eau De Parfum.
Jul 17, 2022

What smells make you arouse? ›

The Best Science-Backed Aphrodisiac Scents to Get You in the Mood
  • Vanilla.
  • Saffron.
  • Ginseng.
  • Patchouli.
  • Jasmine.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Labdanum.
  • Blood Orange.
Dec 18, 2022

What scent makes people the happiest? ›

Scents to make you happy
  1. Lavender. The aromatherapy world's queen jewel! ...
  2. Jasmine. Those tiny white jasmine flowers have been making humans happy for millennia! ...
  3. Neroli. Neroli is like a breath of sweet citrus air! ...
  4. Rose. ...
  5. Yuzu.

What hormone attracts females to males? ›

Darcin: a male pheromone that stimulates female memory and sexual attraction to an individual male's odour.

Does male body odor attract females? ›

According to the Social Issues Research Center, it has also been found that women are attracted to androstenol, a natural chemical found in fresh male sweat. It actually creates a chemical response in the female brain where cortisol levels rise, which is your body's main stress hormone.

How to attract a girl? ›

Respect her ideas, her opinions, and her beliefs. Girls like it when you treat them like people. If you want girls to find you attractive, respecting them as people is a great place to start. For example, ask her about her favorite hobby, and then ask her how she got into that hobby.

Which Dior Sauvage is most popular? ›

The coveted number one spot goes to the newest addition to the collection: the Elixir. What makes this ultimately the best out of the bunch is the addition of grapefruit to the perfume. It still has the Dior Sauvage DNA, but swapped the Bergamot out with a more fresh, citrusy scent.

Can people smell Dior Sauvage? ›

What Does Dior Sauvage Smell Like? Straight out of the bottle, Dior Sauvage smells like a fresh, adventurous, spicy, classic man fragrance, but at the same time, it's not something you didn't smell before, so don't expect much in terms of uniqueness.

Is Dior Sauvage the most popular fragrance? ›

Dior's Sauvage has become the world's top fragrance, nudging out even women's blockbusters like Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. Parent company LVMH spends heavily on its beauty brands, with operating investments of over $300 million last year.

What scent is most seductive to men? ›

  • Pumpkin Pie + Lavender. The scent of pumpkin pie (especially when combined with the smell of lavender) increased arousal in 40 percent of men. ...
  • Jasmine. Dr. ...
  • Black Licorice. ...
  • Cinnamon. ...
  • Vanilla. ...
  • Banana Nut Bread. ...
  • Citrus.

What perfume should I wear to attract a man? ›

Fragrant Notes That Men Love on Women

On the other hand, light florals such as jasmine and lavender with fresh citrusy scents are captivating as expected and these scents can easily strike men's attention. Meanwhile, musk and sandalwood are also popular fragrant notes that men find seductive.

What scent is irresistible to men? ›

What perfume is most attractive to guys? Having the same percentage of 19.4, woodsy and musk are without a doubt the top main accords that men find attractive when worn. The 3rd place goes to vanilla-scented fragrances with 17.3%, 4th place for sweet scents with 15.3%, and 5th place for floral ones with 14.3%.

Is Blu Atlas worth it? ›

In over 200 five-star reviews online, consumers rave about how well this natural deodorant works. They also love the fresh but unobtrusive scent. This the perfect complement to the Blu Atlas lineup of body products, including their Body Wash and the Atlantis scent. Our Blu Atlas review wouldn't be complete without it.

When did Blu Atlas Atlantis come out? ›

Atlantis was launched in 2022, and according to Parfumo, this is the second version of this fragrance, with the first one already being discontinued. There is little known about the first release besides having the notes of bergamot, clary sage, and patchouli and having a clear see trough gray bottle.

What fragrance did Frank Sinatra wear? ›

The debonair Frank Sinatra, on the other hand, favoured the clean, elegant and quintessentially British scent of lavender, and would reportedly alternate between the very accessible Yardley's English Lavender, and Aqua Lavanda by Puig.

What is the female version of Dior Sauvage? ›

Balade Sauvage by Dior is a fragrance for women and men. Balade Sauvage was launched in 2018.

What age range is Dior Sauvage for? ›

Versatility. Age Group:21 and up. Very versatile fragrance that you could wear all year long.

Which is better Sauvage or Eros? ›

These are both highly popular colognes. Neither one is bad in my opinion and they are actually quite different from one another. If you want something bold and sweet, go with Eros. If that's not your thing, Sauvage might be a good choice.

What is the number one best smelling cologne? ›

From Maison Margiela, Tom Ford, Creed, Dior, and more, read on to discover the 29 best colognes for men in 2023.
  • Chanel Bleu de Chanel. ...
  • Dior Sauvage. ...
  • Ralph Lauren Polo Black. ...
  • Gucci the Alchemist's Garden the Last Day of Summer. ...
  • Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club. ...
  • Calvin Klein Eternity for Men. ...
  • Le Labo Another 13.
Jan 24, 2023

What is the number one best selling cologne? ›

10 Best-Selling Men's Colognes
  • Versace Eros Eau de Toilette. ...
  • Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau de Parfum. ...
  • Chanel Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum. ...
  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette. ...
  • Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Cologne Bleue Eau de Toilette. ...
  • Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Intense. ...
  • Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette.
Dec 13, 2022

What cologne has the most pheromones in it? ›

TRUE Instinct contains the highest concentration of sexual pheromones, making it ideal for increasing your physical attraction.

What to layer with Dior Sauvage? ›

Ideal for Date Night: Sauvage by Dior

As well as shower gels, another excellent way for gents to layer their fragrance is with a luxe deodorant spray or stick. Pair it with the matching intoxicating shower gel and highly impressive Eau de Parfum, and you'll feel a million dollars come date night!

Why does Dior Sauvage smell so good? ›

Sauvage Eau de Parfum smells citrusy, musky, and spicy giving the wearer a feeling of being fresh after the shower. The main notes are ambroxan, bergamot, and Sichuan Pepper with a lasting power of 8 – 10 hours with a very good projection.

Does smelling good make you more attractive? ›

Smelling good is an important part of human attraction, as it can make you more attractive to potential partners and give you a self-confidence boost. You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive cologne or perfumes – there are plenty of affordable options that can help you smell great.

Do women like Bleu de Chanel? ›

Yes they do like it because it's safe,versatile and an inoffensive fragrance. There's not much to dislike with this fragrance hence why it's so popular,despite being extremely generic. It doesn't have swag though and there are better fragrances to wear if you want fire works.

Can you smell when a girl is turned on? ›

University of Kent research suggests that men can distinguish between the scents of sexually aroused and non-aroused women. The detection of sexual arousal through smell may function as an additional channel in the communication of sexual interest and provide further verification of human sexual interest.

Do you wear cologne to bed? ›

Yes, you can absolutely wear perfume to bed! Some of us have a signature scent that we adore and want to smell like it all the time. Others find certain scents bring about a sense of relaxation or pleasure. Whatever your reason and choice, perfumes are great for sleep, relaxation and well-being.

What is the greatest perfume of all time? ›

Here, the 10 greatest fragrances of all time, as voted on by the beauty industry.
  • Chanel No. Launched: 1921. ...
  • Le Labo Santal 33. Launched: 2011. ...
  • Thierry Mugler Angel. Launched: 1992. ...
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Launched: 2001. ...
  • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. ...
  • Dior Eau Sauvage. ...
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid. ...
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò
Feb 25, 2022

How can I smell seductive naturally? ›

Take a shower or bath before the date.

To smell your best, you will need to make sure your body and hair are clean. Try bathing as close as possible to the time of your date. Opt for a soap or body wash that has a neutral scent, or one that matches the scent of your lotion, cologne, or perfume.

How do I smell good as a guy? ›

5 Habits Of Men Who Always Smell Great
  1. Wear Washed, Breathable Clothes. For men who tend to sweat a lot, the easiest thing you can do to smell good is to combat the body odour trapped in dirty and sweaty clothes. ...
  2. Use A Nice Fragrance. ...
  3. Limit The Smelly Food. ...
  4. Use Fresh Bedding. ...
  5. Use The Right Products.
Dec 11, 2022

What are scents that everyone likes? ›

Top 24 Most Popular Home Luxury Scents of 2022
  • Vanilla.
  • Rose.
  • Lavender.
  • Coffee.
  • Coconut.
  • Lemon.
  • Amber.
  • Sage.
Dec 8, 2022

What smell do most people love? ›

And according to the results, vanilla is the most pleasing smell around, followed by ethyl butyrate, which smells like peaches. Artin Arshamian, researcher at Karolinska and one of the study's authors, said humans may have similar olfactory preferences because it helped early humans survive.

What scent makes you want to buy? ›

What scents attract customers? Some of the more popular scents for attracting customers and increasing spending are citrus, vanilla and cinnamon, pine, clean linen, and lavender.

What are the most seductive scents? ›

These are the 8 aphrodisiac fragrances to set a sexy mood according to experts
  • Pumpkin - Paco Rabanne Fabulous Me. ...
  • Cinnamon - Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau De Parfum Spray. ...
  • Champaca - J'adore Dior Eau De Parfum. ...
  • Vanilla - Guerlain Shalimar Eau De Parfum. ...
  • Lavender - Tom Ford Lavender Extreme Eau De Parfum.
Jul 17, 2022

Why does Sauvage smell so good? ›

The top note of the fragrance is bergamot, which gives it a citrusy smell. The middle note is jasmine, which gives it a floral scent. The base note is amber, which gives it a woody scent. All of these notes combine to create a unique and pleasant smell that many men find appealing.

Do guys wear cologne to impress girls? ›

Also, a lot of men wear colognes to attract women, but they also do it to feel confident and feel good. The Fragrance industry has done its research when they came up with the Pheromone Colognes for men. Apparently, Pheromones are hormones released by males when they workout or do any man stuff and women like them.

Does cologne actually have pheromones? ›

Non-human mammalian pheromones are commonly used as perfumery ingredients. The actual purpose for using these compounds is as a fixative or carrier for the odor effects of the other ingredients as well as a contributor, in part, to the over-all scent of the perfume.

What scent is good for love making? ›

The Best Science-Backed Aphrodisiac Scents to Get You in the Mood
  • Vanilla.
  • Saffron.
  • Ginseng.
  • Patchouli.
  • Jasmine.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Labdanum.
  • Blood Orange.
Dec 18, 2022

Is Bleu de Chanel better than Dior Sauvage? ›

If I had to choose between these two, I would ultimately pick Bleu de Chanel Parfum. It is refined, smooth, and the sandalwood note is utterly perfect. Parfum is warm, deep, and dark. You get a great blend of wood, with a zesty citrus profile.

Which type of Sauvage is best? ›

The coveted number one spot goes to the newest addition to the collection: the Elixir. What makes this ultimately the best out of the bunch is the addition of grapefruit to the perfume. It still has the Dior Sauvage DNA, but swapped the Bergamot out with a more fresh, citrusy scent.

Which Sauvage is most popular? ›

BEST Sauvage cologne: The #1 Choice in 2023 (Compared)
  • Dior Sauvage Parfum smells fresh, resinous, and dense.
  • It has eternal longevity.
  • Well worn after dark.
  • Dior Sauvage EDP smells fresh, peppery, and warm.
  • Projects more than the Parfum.
  • More versatile than other releases.
  • Dior Sauvage Cologne – the EDP is #1.
Jun 8, 2020

What smell do girls like on Guy? ›

Clean and invigorating, the tangy scent of citrus, such as lemon, lime, orange, lemongrass, and red grapefruit gives men that fresh-out-of-the-shower scent, a smell that many women find appealing. Just don't overdo it, or you might smell like the produce department!

What attract woman to a man? ›

5 Things Women Find Attractive In Men
  • Older Men. A 2010 study of 3,770 heterosexual adults suggested that women often prefer older men. ...
  • Beards. Some women still love it cleanly shaved, however, most women love the beards. ...
  • Kindness and Selflessness. ...
  • A good first impression is vital. ...
  • Laughter.
Mar 13, 2021


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