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5 Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

5.1 Tier S – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

5.2 Tier A – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

5.3 Tier B – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List


5.4 Tier C – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

5.5 Tier D – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

5.6 Tier E – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

5.7 Tier F – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

6 Jojo Crusaders Heaven Fandom Wiki

7 Conclusion

(Video) JOJO Crusader's Heaven Update | How to Get Star Platinum Stone Ocean (spso)Magician's Red and Specs!

Looking for Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello 2023, so you are at the best spot. Here in this post, you will get the Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello and Discord link.

Roblox Jojo: Crusaders’ Heaven is an amazing action role-playing game developed by OvaHeaven. In this game, you will create a character in the game world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga and anime.

If you are looking to get the best knowledge on how to do things in the Jojo Crusaders Heaven game, you will have to search online for certain things. We will tell you where you can find Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello so you can learn everything you have to know about the game.

Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello

Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello 2023 – (Discord Server) (Guide) (1)

If you are in search of some information on the Jojo Crusaders Heaven game then you can likely get it by heading to the Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello page.

Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello Link –Click Here

Simply click on the above link and you will arrive at the Crusaders Heaven Trello, which contains various details on how the game functions.

About Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello Page

The Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello page contains details on the early access perks, in-game items, skins, NPCs, bosses, titles, stands, evolved stands, accessories, and some other info on the game.

(Video) Obtaining The RAREST Tusk Act 4 Skins on This Roblox JOJO Game | Crusaders Heaven

It is actually a good way to get a lot of information about the Jojo Crusaders Heaven. It’s a bit simpler than Jojo Crusaders Heaven Wiki because everything is on the same page and easy to find.

Jojo Crusaders Heaven Discord Link

If you want to talk with the Jojo Crusaders community, just head to the Jojo Crusaders official Discord server. There is also a server for Ban Appeals Discord server that you can join.

Jojo Crusaders Discord Link – Click Here

Ban Appeals Discord server Link – Click Here

Jojo Crusaders Heaven Wiki

Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello 2023 – (Discord Server) (Guide) (2)

In case you could not find Trello then you no longer have to keep looking, the link to Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello is right at the beginning of this post. And it is the really best Wiki that currently exists for the Jojo Crusaders Heaven game, the Roblox game developed from OvaHeaven.

The format is quite visual if you’re used to the typical fandom, but once you actually use it a bit you will see that it is very intuitive.

The first 3 sections are introductory, but you will definitely find something of interest, such as Social links or Shiny. The 4th section (Main Game) is fully recommended, more than anything because there are the Jojo Crusaders Heaven official tier Lists.

And the Jojo Crusaders Heaven wiki you were looking for starts from the next section, with sections on in-game items, Stand Skins, Event Skins, Stands, Hostile NPCs, Evolved Stands, Early Access Stands, Mod Skins, NPCs, Bosses, Titles, Accessories, and Accessory Rarities. Within each section, you will actually find locations, how-to, and information of value for each element.

Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

Here are the rankings of the best Jojo Crusaders Heaven characters from best to worst.

Tier S – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

BrolyTier S
Bunny The World Alternate UniverseTier S
Christmas Star PlatinumTier S
Deer WorldTier S
Deimos King CrimsonTier S
Deimos White SnakeTier S
Easter ScytheTier S
Elf Experience RequiemTier S
Gogeta Golden ExperienceTier S
Gogeta Golden Experience RequiemTier S
Gogeta King CrimsonTier S
KrampusTier S
LSSJ BrolyTier S
SSJ4 GogetaTier S
Valentine Star PlatinumTier S
VegitoTier S
Your ValentineTier S

Tier A – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

Bunny chariotTier – A
Bunny QueenTier – A
Bunny The World Alternate UniverseTier – A
Christmas PlatinumTier – A
Cyborg ChariotTier – A
Deer WorldTier – A
Deimos The World AUTier – A
Easter ScytheTier – A
Elf Experience RequiemTier – A
Goblin ScytheTier – A
Killer CrimsonTier – A
King OctopusTier – A
KrampusTier – A
Rose ScytheTier – A
Valentine Star PlatinumTier – A
VenomTier – A
Your ValentineTier – A

Tier B – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

TylerTier – B
Anubis WorldTier – B
Black BeardTier – B
Bunny ChariotTier – B
Bunny QueenTier – B
Crazy Diamond Over HeavenTier – B
Deimos Killer QueenTier – B
Deimos Star PlatinumTier – B
Deimos The WorldTier – B
Goblin ScytheTier – B
KaidoTier – B
Kaido: HybridTier – B
King OctopusTier – B
Mecha PlatinumTier – B
RichardTier – B
Rose ScytheTier – B
Santa FreddyTier – B
Shadow The WorldTier – B
Star Platinum OVATier – B
Susk: Act 4Tier – B

Tier C – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

VenomTier – C
Ghost QueenTier – C
Deimos The World Alternate UniverseTier – C
The World OVATier – C
Killer CrimsonTier – C
Jotaro P3Tier – C
Inferno ChariotTier – C
Cyborg ChariotTier – C
Jotaro P4Tier – C
DIOTier – C
Star ChadinumTier – C
Jotaro P6Tier – C
DesireTier – C
Star Platinum TelevisionTier – C
Maga King CrimsonTier – C

Tier D – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

Galaxy PlatinumTier – D
Angel QueenTier – D
Manga The WorldTier – D
Boss DayTier – D
Evil Spirit: The WorldTier – D
JohnnyTier – D
Shadow KnightTier – D
French ChariotTier – D
Evil SpiritTier – D
KiraTier – D
OkuyasuTier – D
DayTier – D
Doppio King CrimsonTier – D
DevilTier – D
DiegoTier – D
The World Alternate Universe Over HeavenTier – D

Tier E – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

The PlatinumTier – E
Child Silver ChariotTier – E
Moss PlatinumTier – E
Shiny Star Platinum: The WorldTier – E
Shadow KillerTier – E
Manga Gold Experience RequiemTier – E
Shiny Gold Experience RequiemTier – E
Dark Experience RequiemTier – E
Volcanic Experience RequiemTier – E
24k Gold Experience RequiemTier – E
Manga King CrimsonTier – E
Void Experience RequiemTier – E
Violet KingTier – E
Dark CrimsonTier – E
Shiny King CrimsonTier – E
Shiny Tusk: Act 4Tier – E
Metal Tusk: Act 4Tier – E
Sleeve Tusk: ActTier – E
Demon The World: Alternate UniverseTier – E
Oreo The World: Alternate UniverseTier – E
The World: High VoltageTier – E

Tier F – Jojo Crusaders Heaven Tier List

24k Gold ExperienceTier – F
Shiny WhitesnakeTier – F
Black The WorldTier – F
Bloody The WorldTier – F
Dark ExperienceTier – F
Dark The WorldTier – F
Golden ChariotTier – F
Killer KingTier – F
Manga Gold ExperienceTier – F
Manga Star PlatinumTier – F
Moss PlatinumTier – F
PlatinumTier – F
Shiny Gold ExperienceTier – F
Shiny Killer QueenTier – F
Shiny King Crimson: DoppioTier – F
Shiny Star PlatinumTier – F
Shiny The HandTier – F
Silver Chariot OVATier – F
SpidermanTier – F
The NightTier – F
The World: Greatest HighTier – F
Violet HandTier – F
Void ExperienceTier – F
Volcanic ExperienceTier – F

Jojo Crusaders Heaven Fandom Wiki

Currently, there is no Jojo Crusaders Heaven fandom wiki (another wiki or guide format with much more text), It is possible that a fandom wiki available in the future. Whenever the Jojo Crusaders Heaven fandom wiki link is available then we will mention the link at the beginning of this post.


We hope you like this Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello guide. In this post, we covered the Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello and Discord links.

(Video) Roblox Jojo Crusaders Heaven From Noob To Tusk Act 4 In One Video...

If you want to share any feedback or ask any questions about the Jojo Crusaders Heaven Trello so comment section is always open for you.

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What is the strongest stand in Crusaders Heaven? ›

The World is the stand of DIO, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. The World is an exceptionally powerful close-range Stand, similar to Star Platinum. With its powerful damage dealing moves, this Stand can be very powerful when utilized correctly.

What does Holy Bible do in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Summary. Holy Bible is an item in Crusaders' Heaven, presumed to be of Jesus, which can be found in many of the spawn locations around the map and is used to evolve TA2 (Tusk Act 2) to TA3 (Tusk Act 3).

How do you get Tusk Act 1 in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Attainability. This stand has been released, and can be obtained by using Left Arm of the Saint's Corpse, which is obtained from the Mysterious Bag.

Does Crusaders Heaven have codes? ›

There are currently no working Crusaders Heaven codes.

What is the 1st strongest stand? ›

Wonder of U has a case of being the strongest Stand in the series. It is a sentient Stand that can function on its own. Wonder of U possesses a number of abilities that make it an extremely dangerous stand.

How rare is Saint's Corpse in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Saint's Corpse is a very rare item in Crusaders' Heaven that is based on the Saint's Corpse from Jojo Bizzare Adventure: Steel Ball Run. It can only be obtained through defeating Diego with a 20% chance of it actually being dropped by Diego.

What does Diego's eye do in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Usage. Diego's Eye can be used to exchange to the Johnny NPC for rewards/loots or the evolution of TA3 and TA4 with the Saint's Corpse.

What is the left eye in Crusaders Heaven? ›

The Left Eye of the Saint's Corpse or Eye is a rare item obtained from Mysterious Bags used on Standless to obtain The World: Alternate Universe. The Left Eye supposedly belongs to Jesus.

What is soul for in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Usage. Soul's only usage was to be traded to the Ghost NPC for Spooky Arrows and other rewards.

Who is Tusk Act 1? ›

Initially named "Tusk" as it was the first form that Johnny sees, Tusk ACT1 is the Stand's base form. It is referred to as the guardian of the Left Arm of the Saint's Corpse. ACT1 resembles a small, neotenous animal.

How do you evolve KQ in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Evolved Forms

Killer Queen: Bites The Dust is obtainable by using a Unusual Arrow whilst having a Killer Queen.

How do you get full body KC in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Obtain King Crimson: Doppio from a stand arrow. Kill the Doppio/Diavolo and obtain Doppio's Frog. Complete the Risotto quest. With A 20% (1/5) chance, you will die and respawn, and your Doppio KC will transform into Full KC.

Can you get white snake in Crusaders Heaven? ›

White Snake can be obtained from an arrows with an unknown chance. Deimos Whitesnake can only be obtained from weird arrows.

What does gyro do in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Summary. Gyro Zeppeli (ジャイロ・ツェペリ - Jairo Tseperi) is an NPC in Crusaders' Heaven who can be found near the Chicken. He will give you a quest to find a Steel Ball and $3000.

What is the weakest Stand? ›

The Stand named 'Survivor' is the 'weakest'. But it's a handful. —DIO to Enrico Pucci. Survivor (サバイバー Sabaibā) is the Stand granted to Guccio by Whitesnake, featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

What is the fastest Stand? ›

1 Star Platinum Exceeds The Speed Of Light

Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum Stand returns in "Diamond is Unbreakable" as one of the fastest Stands in existence.

Can Star Platinum stop time? ›

Star Platinum: The World

During the final battle with DIO in Stardust Crusaders, Star Platinum awakens the ability to stop time.

Which villain has the strongest Stand? ›

1 Funny Valentine

His stand, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or D4C, is one of the strongest stands in the series and grants him the ability to switch bodies with his counterparts from other dimensions.

Is Diavolo still in the death loop? ›

Due to the ability of Gold Experience Requiem, Diavolo is trapped in an infinite death loop; He continues to experience death over and over for eternity due to dying and subsequently returning to point zero (before his death), starting with drowning in the nearby river, followed by being stabbed to death, autopsied ...

Is Stand stronger than Hamon? ›

3 STANDS ARE BETTER: Their Powers Are More Extreme

Hamon makes the user stronger, but it hardly works on any level beyond physical strength.

How rare is left arm in Crusaders Heaven? ›

A very rare item that can be used on Stands to get a random skin (100% chance). A rare item that can be used to obtain the Left Arm (50%) or the Left Eye (50%). A rare item obtained from Mysterious Bags.

How rare is req arrow in crusaders heaven? ›

It can easily be found around the map, so it is a common item.

Where is Zai in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Zai is an NPC in Crusaders' Heaven who can be found near DIO's spawn or through a corner which leads to an empty land of grass with a hill that Zai stands next to.

What was Diego's fear? ›

Ice Age: The Meltdown

In the second film, Diego reveals his hidden fear of water. Sid, the only one who knows about Diego's fear, teaches him how to overcome his fear of water.

What are Diego's son powers? ›

The Umbrella Academy features seven super-powered children: Luther Hargreeves, who has superstrength; Diego Hargreeves, who has trajectory manipulation meaning he can control projectiles; Allison Hargreeves, who can influence people to her command with the phrase "I Heard a Rumor", followed by what she wants to; Five ...

Is Kars in Eyes Of Heaven? ›

Kars returns as a playable character in Eyes of Heaven, confirmed alongside Wamuu and Esidisi. As a Pillar Man, Kars has the special ability Switch Mode, exclusive to the Mode style. His specific Mode is Light Mode.

Why did Crusaders wear red crosses on their tunics? ›

The word crusade, which is derived from the Latin word crux ("cross"), is a reference to the biblical injunction that Christians carry their cross (Matthew 10:38). Crusaders wore a red cloth cross sewn on their tunics to indicate that they had assumed the cross and were soldiers of Christ.

What is choosable shiny in crusaders heaven? ›

Choosable Shiny is an unobtainable item in Crusaders' Heaven that was added because of a major data loss event. It was obtainable through speaking with the Mail Guy NPC. It was used as a way for players to get their skins back during the major data loss event.

What are unusual arrows in Crusaders Heaven? ›

The Unusual Arrow is an item used to evolve Killer Queen. It is based on the Arrow that stabbed Kira when he changed his identity to Kosaku Kawajiri. The item can be sold for $750.

What does Valentine scythe do in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Summary. The Valentine Scythe is a rare event item that is obtained from the gift during the Valentine Event. It will be used to obtain an upcoming spec.

Where is the ghost NPC in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Ghost is a removed NPC in Crusaders' Heaven that was added during the Halloween Event and can be found near the training dummies. Upon interacting with it, it will give you a quest requesting for 3 souls in return for some loots.

What does holy mushroom do in Crusaders Heaven? ›

The Holy Mushroom is an item used to obtain skins, similar to the Shiny Mushroom. You are guaranteed to obtain a skin if you use one on a Stand. It can spawn, but it rarely does. You can get this from zai, but it isn't that common, making this item extremely rare.

Does gyro have a Stand? ›

Gyro also has two stands of sorts. The first of this is Scan, an eye that appears on his Steel Balls when Gyro has the right eye of the Saint's Corpse. Using it, Gyro can see even when his eyes are ineffective and even have x-ray vision.

What does Chumimi mean? ›

friendly; intimate; sociable.

Is echoes Act 4 a thing? ›

Echoes Act 4 is a non-canon stand meant to be an evolution of Echoes Act 3. Appearance wise it is mostly identical to Echoes Act 3, but has a dark yellow colored body rather than white, and the green parts are changed to red. The 3 on its waist is also completely removed. You can sometimes find it in stand arrows.

What does Killer Queen say when he uses bites the dust? ›

GO! Bites the Dust, JOJO A-GO! GO!

Is KQ rare in YBA? ›

It has a 2.5% chance of being obtained from a Stand arrow.

What does spooky arrow do in Crusaders Heaven? ›

Used for obtaining skins/shinies with a guaranteed 100% chance of doing so.

Who is the strongest stand user in Stardust Crusaders? ›

There is really no doubt that Star Platinum is the strongest stand in Stardust Crusaders. It is the stand of Jotaro Kujo. The stand is akin to DIO's stand, which was admitted by Jotaro himself. The stand has insane physical power and it reacts at the speed of light.

Who is the strongest Crusader JoJo? ›

Jotaro Cujoh, by a long shot. This man has the, for the most part, strongest stand in the series: Star Platinum, a fast and strong stand capable of stopping time for 5 seconds. Not only does he has the strongest stand, but he also knows how to use its powers to his advantage.

Is Golden Wind Requiem the strongest stand? ›

Gold Experience Requiem is undoubtedly the strongest Stand in the history of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure due to its power to reject those from reaching “the truth”, reverting everything back to zero to stop them from doing it.

Is Star Platinum the weakest Stand? ›

Despite debuting so early on in the series, Star Platinum remains one of the strongest Stands in the series.

What Stand is stronger than star Platinum? ›

The obvious stand of choice to defeat Star Platinum would of course be Gold Experience Requiem, the most powerful stand besides The World Over Heaven from the Eye's of Heaven game.

What is the No 1 Stand in JoJo? ›

King Crimson is the Stand of Diavolo, the alternate personality of Vinegar Doppio in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. King Crimson is said to be the most remarkable Stand due to its ability to erase time and predict the future.

What is the weakest Joestar Stand? ›

Khnum is truly the weakest Stand in all of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Its ability is Transfiguration, allowing its user to take the appearance of another person. The problem is that Khnum gives its user no additional abilities.

Who is the strongest Joestar physically? ›

Out of all the Jojo protagonists, Jonathan stands out in terms of nobility, inspiring even Speedwagon, a former thug. Another notable feature of Jonathan is his undisputable physical strength, exceeding any Joestar protagonist.

Who is the weakest JoJo character? ›

Jonathan Joestar is probably the weakest JoJo in the series. He doesn't have a stand, and his powers are limited to the utilization of Hamon. He doesn't have a stand that is not uncommon since the concept of stands was introduced only in Stardust Crusaders, the third part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures.

Is Star Platinum a requiem stand? ›

Star Platinum Requiem is a requiem version of Star Platinum that was formerly obtainable through an Easter Egg, but that method was removed. It was formally obtainable from Stand Arrows. This stand has an identical moveset to and basic attack speed as Star Platinum: The World, but has higher damage.

What is Killer Queen requiem? ›

Killer Queen Requiem is the requiem evolved version of Killer Queen. It is obtained by standing on top of the fountain in the safe zone with at least 200,000 points and 1 million yen, and Killer Queen equipped and having another player use KQR's or KQOH's rewind passive.

Can Giorno freeze time? ›

time erase is already a timeless void. No you cant, sp is not faster. RTZ is the ultimate ability and will prevent time stop from ever happening. So giorno cant move in stopped time, but he can make it so it wont happen.


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